Par Emma Brancatisano, HuffPost Australia 

7 juin 2017

Ce que je trouve que les femmes me disent, c'est:«Je veux le choix». Ils veulent des options. Ils ne veulent pas regretter de ne pas faire quelque chose. Mais souvent, ils ont des attentes irréalistes de ce que les ovules peuvent faire.

In 2017, more Australian women are having children later in life. In two generations, the average age of a childbearing mother has risen from 25 to 31.

And for some, thanks to the evolution of such technologies as rapid egg freezing, this comes at a point in their life that they may prefer. A potential pregnancy put on hold.

While the reasons for this are many -- illness, career prospects or being without a partner, to name a few -- fertility experts warn that these changes stand in the face of a hard, rigid biological truth.

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