Par Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD; News Medical

24 juillet 2017

Selon le chercheur Michael Chapman, cette étude montre que les femmes qui subissent une FIV ont des chances «raisonnables» de tomber enceinte.

Research has shown that women who undergo multiple cycles of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) are more likely to have a baby. The study published in the Medical Journal of Australia reports the cumulative live birth rates after complete ovarian stimulation cycles. The study looked at chances of having a baby successfully after several rounds of IVF or other types of assisted reproduction techniques.

For this study the researchers looked at 56,652 women who had already undergone eight cycles of treatment in Australia and New Zealand during 2009-2012. They were tracked until 2014 or until they gave birth to a live baby. Results showed that for women over the age of 40, the success rates for having a live baby rose from 10% at the first cycle of IVF to around 40% at the end of the seventh cycle.

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