Dr. Tan and all the staff at his clinic OriginElle are amazing

Dr. Tan and all the staff at his clinic OriginElle are amazing. Although we don’t live in the same city as Dr. Tan’s clinic we searched him out since he is one of the leading experts in his field with an excellent international reputation. He delivers results, is very knowledgeable and is so understanding of our situation.

Despite his high profile and busy schedule, he listens to each patient, treats them as a person, and devises a gameplan and protocol based on what makes sense for that individual patient. From our experience having seen numerous other fertility experts without any success, Dr. Tan was like a breath of fresh air. Dr. Tan has been our personal doctor on call, replying to me, whether day or night, and from all parts of the world as his work takes him. We have one beautiful daughter thanks to Dr. Tan, after several years of unsuccessfully trying with a number of other fertility specialists, and we are working on a second. I am a more challenging case than normal, but I am in extremely good hands with Dr. Tan. Unfortunately, we have had a number of failed IVF attempts and many miscarriages. Dr. Tan is both proactive and dynamic. He is continually bringing the latest advances in the field to bear in my case and has no hesitation in revising his own gameplan and protocol so that I can have the best chances of success. Over the years, Dr. Tan and his superb staff of specialized doctors, embryologists, ultrasound technicians and medical sonographers, nurses, co-ordinators, and other staff have all been extremely helpful, positive and sympathetic to our situation. In short, Dr. Tan is amazing. I have recommended Dr. Tan to many of our friends and close ones and they too have been fortunate to be given the gift of a child through his help. If someone has not had success with other fertility experts I strongly suggest that they seek out Dr. Tan as he has an unrivalled track-record, including with complex cases.

-- Proud parents of a beautiful daughter