Sperm Donation Center in Montreal - A Healthy Idea to Get Fertility

It is the best thing for several men to make a good use of a healthy penis by donating sperm. The utilization of the male reproductive organ is of immense help for an infertile couple who needs a child.



Sperm donation is the best way

There are screening processes in place for donating sperms. Most aspects which the sperm banks take into consideration are if a man accepts he is a sperm donor.

Age is a vital aspect

  • Many sperm collection facilities have got an age range which they wish their donors to fall.
  • This has to be between 18 and 45 years of age.
  • There may be some exceptions to this. A donor has to be an adult.
  • The sperms from men more than 40 or 45 years of age can have less of quality.
  • The sperm collection centers have some height requirements which exhibit the value that society may place on tall men.
  • Many centers ask for a complete medical history of the candidate and his family.

In case a center gives a payment for sperm donation, they have to set a working arrangement for a man to arrive there on a consistent basis for a period of many months.

The sperm which is donated can be accepted by a couple. This happens when there is no probability of getting a sperm naturally. The donor sperms are utilized to inseminate the woman or to make her egg fertilized. Semen is taken from a certified sperm bank. The sperm samples at Sperm Donation Center at Montreal are taken from the fertile donor. It is first made sure that the sperm donor is free from medical and genetic diseases. Donor sperm is kept frozen for 6 months and the donor gets tested for harmful and infectious diseases. Donor sperm is matched with the physical attributes like skin color, eye color, height and the blood group of the male partner.

Opting for the sperm donor

  • You need to search the medical history of the donor and their family.
  • Sperm donors are screened in accordance to Health Canada regulations.
  • Donor semen samples can be had from the semen bank to make sure strict anonymity.
  • Donors have to undergo a screening procedure.

We have the best and reputed medical professionals based in Montreal for facilitating sperm donation. We are here to make your family dream come true. We have the best rate facilities and offer comprehensive infertility services to the patients. The sperm donation center in Montreal offers the finest treatment for men and women which include IVF, sperm donation and other health services. The doctors here will do the analysis of your sperms to assess the volume of your sperms, semen acidity, sperm count and also the amount of round cells in the semen.

Last words

At originelle, we believe in best healthcare for mind and body. We have the best sperm donation center in Montreal. We believe that you will get the chance to be a parent. We have achieved the reputation to care of people who have mild cases of infertility.

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