Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI is performed by collecting a sperm sample from the man, then separating and concentrating the motile sperm. The sperm are then injected into the woman’s uterus using a fine plastic catheter, thereby bringing the sperm closer to the ovulated egg in the woman’s fallopian tube and increasing the chance of pregnancy.

IUI is suitable for couples where the woman has at least one open fallopian tube and the man has enough motile sperm to fertilize the egg.  Intrauterine insemination is recommended for a total of three cycles, after which, if no pregnancy is achieved, IVF or modified natural cycle IVF would be considered.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction the recommended procedure for women who are not ovulating/menstruating normally. Induction stimulates the monthly production off eggs from the woman's ovaries with medications such as Clomiphene and Letrozole. If these medications are not effective, small-dose injections of fertility hormones called Gonadotropins may be necessary.

Clinical follow-up

All our patients are monitored regularly and frequently, typically 2 to 4 visits during a treatment cycle.  Among our many techniques, we use a vaginal ultrasound sensitive enough to observe the fluid filled structures containing the eggs called follicles inside the ovary itself. 

Examples of medications used by our team:

Ovulation Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is used for women who ovulate normally but whose infertility cannot be explained, or whose partner has mild male-factor infertility.  Ovarian stimulation aims to develop two to four follicles containing mature eggs during the woman’s monthly cycle, rather than the typical one. This is rather easily achieved by injections of fertility hormones called Gonadotropins. The treatment is typically combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI) to assist the sperm in reaching the egg.

Clinical follow-up

Using our ultrasound, once we determine the leading follicle(s) reaches 18 mm in diameter, the egg is considered mature and ready for ovulation and fertilization.

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