Egg donation

A woman may need to pursue an egg donor if her ovaries cannot produce eggs or if her eggs are not healthy. The retrieval, fertilization and implantation process are identical as if her own eggs were used.

Sperm donation

When a man’s testes cannot produce sperm or when the sperm that is produced is of very poor quality, a couple may consider the use of donor sperm. Sperm donors are screened according to Health Canada regulations.


Surrogacy is recommended for women who have functioning ovaries but lack a uterus or have uterine problems that make it difficult to maintain a pregnancy. A surrogate may also be recommended if the woman has one or more medical conditions that would make carrying a pregnancy unsafe.

About third party reproduction at OriginElle

At the OriginElle, third party reproduction treatments have been refined to minimize the number of patient visits and decrease the stress and inconvenience of treatment.

Today, success rates of third party treatment compare favorably with those of regular IVF treatments.