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     If you want to freeze your eggs from your ovary for later fertilization continue reading for the best ways to do it. You may be a woman to undergo a chemotherapy treatment for your tumors or a treatment that could affect your fertility later, freezing your eggs for future fertility is the only option.  



 If not for treatment reasons but for any other personal or for career possibilities or for any reason, freezing eggs has now become easy and safe. The technology with science has made this possible to not let your right to be a mother even after some illness or some other obstacle in the way. But every woman should know before freezing her eggs certain essentials for a happy parenthood in the future.

DNA and your egg:

     The DNA or the chromosomes of your eggs are predetermined at your time of birth itself. But human cells including the eggs are fragile and when exposed to numerous unavoidable influences throughout your life they are affected. The influences could be stress, infections, fevers, toxins, free radicals and many more. This causes the chromosomal abnormalities and your eggs become an abnormal egg.

Age and quality of egg:

     With age, the quality of egg gets reduced. In the young age of twenties, the woman is prone to produce more of normal eggs and above thirties are prone to produce more of abnormal eggs. Also, the woman's ovaries are naturally programmed to ovulate or release only one fully grown egg which is ready for fertility in a menstrual cycle.

Fertility and quality of egg:

       Science is not yet developed to know whether this egg is a normal(euploid) or abnormal(aneuploid) and also for any other eggs. The quality of your eggs cannot be determined by any technology. Also, there is no way to improve your egg from abnormal to normal or improve your egg quality. Fertility is directly connected with the quality of your Egg Donation which is directly connected with your age is the most important thing a woman should know about freezing her eggs.  

Success rate of egg:

   Studies have confirmed IVF with your egg at the same age has a significant decrease in success rates than using an egg from a donor of lesser age. The success rate of donor eggs is 51 %. The egg determines the fertility success rate and it is the deciding factor for any pregnancy especially done with IVF. This is the reason women aged even above 60 years with donors eggs give birth to healthy babies.

Oocyte cryopreservation:

     Egg freezing known as oocyte cryopreservation is done successfully from the year 1983. The supercooling of -196 degree Celsius or -320 degree Fahrenheit of the eggs stop all cell activity including aging.

Types of egg freezing:

     There are two types of oocyte cryopreservation. One is vitrification and slow freezing. We at Originelle use the most effective the best form of vitrification technique called Cryotec vitrification which ensures 100 % survival rate of the oocyte. This is the latest technology available for freezing eggs. Also what all a woman should know before freezing her eggs are crystal clearly explained by our expert consultants and doctors for your successful reproductive fertilization.

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