5 ways to stay healthy for Pregnancy Women this winter

You’ve made up your mind mentally to ‘get pregnant’ and fortunately it’s POSITIVE too. This is the time you need to be acquainted of the various prenatal care tips for you to have a healthy pregnancy, ensuring safe delivery and happy motherhood.

Now that a new hope of happiness is growing in your womb, don’t you think you need to take care of the ‘little one’ which you’ll be welcoming soon in your family? Pregnancy is one of the joyous moment when your face glows and there seems to be an ecstasy in the family.

With seasons leaving their own set of tolls on your health. It’s better to keep few hacks handy during eccentric winters when the temperature falls so low.

Ready-To-Keep Winter Hacks For Pregnant Women Are Here As Below:

Mandatory flu vaccination

Due to excessive fluctuations in temperatures during winter, it’s obvious for a pregnant woman to fall sick. Their immune systems are so low for their placenta; that they tend to get hot and cold. Hence, it’s necessary to get the flu vaccine or it’s necessary to be intubated.

Watch out if cold is persisting for a while, as it might result in pneumonia showing few signs of fever. Not needed to pop in extra vitamin tablets as these pre-natal pills which you’re already on it are sufficient.

Choose flats or boots over high-heels

Selecting the right shoes is the most important. When you have the bump but you also cannot forgo towering in your high-heels. It's better you do because what if you had to walk through icy surfaces?

Invest in a good stable pair of rubber-soled shoes or boots with better traction, so that you can walk more comfortably when the center of gravity is off and changing when pregnant.

What if you tumble down?

Nothing will happen to the baby as it’s protected inside your womb. It might just move inside the womb for a sudden jerk. But, if your baby is not moving inside, it’s better to call a doctor for bleeding or on fear of rupture of any of membranes.

Work out to boost your mood

Regular working out helps you get rid of the soreness and heaviness which you might eventually start feeling as your bump becomes larger ( i.e, the baby is growing).

At the same time, regular work out can not only help you lose weight but also boost blood circulation, reduce pregnancy complications and help you lose your post-partum weight down the road too. 150 minutes of moderate exercise would be all the more enough.

Add it up with some foot massage followed up by a nice pedicure and manicure (your hubby must be the best for this) from your nearest spa.

These help you tackle winter blues and pregnancy mood swings.

Don’t squeeze in tight clothing’s

As the baby is growing and as women tend to gain a bit of weight around the bust portion and hip. It’s better if you could pick up a slew of long, inexpensive clothing which includes stretchy tanks and tee shirts. Also, this winter you can wear them underneath your maternity wear to cover up the distance between your pants and bottom of your top.

Get normal maternity wear and baggy tees over pricey ones – what if you end up ‘getting in shape’ after your delivery?

Eat Small and ‘don’t starve’

Sluggish circulation because of temperature drop, during winter results in you, feeling bloated. Hence it’s advised to eat small and in portions. Keep yourself hydrated. Pregnancy and winter are two types of blues you need to deal with.

And The Last Words

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy, which I’m sure you would be able to enjoy with these hacks. If you have been looking for the best platform for IVF treatment, Originelle is the best one to choose.

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