Diet for Healthy Egg and Sperm

You’ve been trying for a year to conceive and regularly getting ‘negative’ in your pregnancy tests, have you ever wondered why?

Women’s fertility is determined by her regularity in her menstrual cycles and it’s equally not necessary that her eggs are healthy. Similarly, sperm count in men is affected by a lot of factors which ranges from lifestyle, food habits, sleeping patterns, and other activities. Ideally, a healthy male produces millions of sperms but very few sperm conjugates with the egg to create an embryo, thus fulfilling their fertilizing potential.

Some men produce suboptimal sperms. Thus even though having a fertile partner requires artificial reproduction assistance as sperm count declines as a result of a wide range of risk factors. Hence, they go for some techniques or undertake therapy or IVF treatment from Originelle to increase their chances of conceiving.

If you are someone trying for a baby over few years and trying to reinstate your food habits and other activities, here are few of the dietary intakes which both men and women must follow and prep up for at least 3 months to put the odds of baby bingo in your favor.

For Women

  • Yams

These are rich in Folate and Vit A and hence reduce neural tube defects, thus stimulating ovulation.

  • Milk Products

Calcium and Vit D lowers risk of Ovulatory infertility.

  • Lean Protein

More than iron supplements, consuming lean meat can boost fertility. It's better to take two servings daily.

For Men

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high sources of Zinc, Omega -3 fatty acids and regular consumption of these increases testosterone and sperm counts thereby improving sexual organ function.

  • Citrus Fruits

Fruits though a passé for men, try consuming as much citrus fruits like tomatoes, berries and other citrus fruits for boosting sperm quality.

  • Carrots, Red Peppers Apricots

These being sources of Vit A and consumption of these would keep sperms from getting sluggish.


As COUPLES you must include these into your diet:

  • Salmon, Walnuts, Flaxseed, and eggs

This is a known fact that salmons, flax seeds and eggs being best sources of Omega-3 helps increase sperm count and increases ample of blood flow to reproductive organs.

  • Leafy Grains, Whole Grain Bread

Lettuce and other green leafy vegetables are best sources of iron, thereby reduces neural tube defects. It helps men with chromosomal abnormalities.

  • Oysters

Slurping on oysters, these are best nature’s sources of Viagra. Not only this, these are best sources of zinc which improves fertility rate and thereby regulates the menstrual cycle and egg production.

  • Blueberries & Raspberries

These have a lesser percentage of citric acid than any other fruits. Moreover, they protect eggs and sperm from aging and damage.

It is indeed a big task of developing and delivering a baby from your womb. This being a connection of the womb and a conjugation of two DNA’s – it’s necessary to keep in mind that what you eat is what you are going to form and deliver.

Hence, make sure you eat the right sources for producing motile and healthy sperms, thereby preventing premature damage of eggs and sperms.

Try limiting coffee, hard drinks, and smoking, as these can deter in conception and give fewer chances of producing healthy sperms.

Also, if you haven’t conceived in the past one year, eat well for eggs to meet the sperm. Being Patient may be one scenario. But, seeing a doctor or consulting Originelle for IVF treatment could be one among the various options.

And the Last Words

As it is better late than never, earlier detection in conception prevents many unforeseen risks. Needless to say that having the best platform also makes you peace that you will have the best treatment.

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