Patient Stories

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am so incredibly happy. Dr Tan and his team have finally made my dream come true.

The Montreal Reproductive Centre is truly the best clinic in Montreal. I have had 3 failed cycles at 3 different clinics before and I just wish I had come to see Dr Tan earlier.

His clinic is new and absolutely beautiful. The staffs are warm and friendly. Because I have failed so many times before, I felt stressed when I first came to the clinic, but Dr Tan put me at ease right away. He obviously has tremendous knowledge in this field and is so kind and caring. Because of my previous treatments elsewhere, he took his time to ask about what happened with each cycle. He then devised a plan and it worked!!! Felix was my coordinator and he took special care to give me all the information I needed and all the other staff, nurses and ultrasonographers were kind and professional. I am especially grateful to Dr. Carli who was my anesthetist who gave me the drugs to put me to sleep during the egg collection. In all my previous cycles at the other clinics, it was always done under local anesthesia, I felt pain during the first procedure and pain was worse during the second collection and by the time I had my third, I could not stop crying during the procedure.

I thought I had to put up with it because my husband and I want a baby so much. Thank God Dr Tan's clinic offers deep sedation, I did not feel any pain during my procedure at all. The nurses were wonderful before & after both the collection and the transfer. I was happy to pay for the deep sedation, RAMQ covered the rest. Who needs to be traumatized like that at the egg collection ?? Maybe that's why I felt so relaxed when I returned for my transfer. The operating room is huge, unlike the others, and it made a difference to me because I am claustrophobic.

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