A guide to Improve & Boost Male Fertility And Treatment Options

Infertility is one of the common problems that affect one out of every 8 couples. Male infertility is also an important reason due to which the couple doesn’t conceive. But, the good thing is that male fertility can be improved with healthy diets and lifestyle changes. In Originelle clinic, there are a number of experienced doctors who provide efficient male infertility solutions and treatment.


Apart from treatment, there are many simple ways that can help you boost male fertility. Here’s a list of the different ways:

  • Regular exercise: One of the important ways of boosting fertility in males is regular exercise and walking. This helps in increasing testosterone levels. Research says that a male is who are physically fit and exercises regularly have a better quality of semen. But, remember too much of anything can be harmful.
  • Relax and reduce the stress level: No doubt, whether it’s a female or male, stress is one of the factors that cause infertility. In studies, it has been seen that prolonged stress increases the cortisol level which is not at all good for fertility. It affects the level of testosterone. So, it’s better to relax and manage your stress through meditation and regular exercise.
  • Add zinc in your diet: Another important way of improving male fertility is to get enough zinc. If there’s zinc deficiency in the body then it might cause low testosterone levels. Not just this, low zinc amount also sometimes causes poor sperm quality. Zinc supplements can also be taken in order to avoid a low testosterone level.
  • Get vitamin C: If you’re looking for an effective way of improving male fertility then get enough of vitamin C in your diet. It also helps in improving semen quality.

Many times, people don’t give the focus on treatment or visiting a doctor. Consultation with fertility doctors can help you find the right cause and get the right treatment. Along with this, doctors prescribe an effective drug to boost fertility. It’s important to see a fertility doctor if you are having below-mentioned issues:

  • If you are having the problem of low sperm count, sperm motility or other problems related to sperm
  • You've undergone treatment and medications for cancer
  • You’re having other members in the family who are having infertility problems
  • If you have sexual or prostate problems
  • If you’re having swelling in the scrotum

Now, let’s have a look at the male infertility treatment options.

IUI: If the healthy sperm is retrieved from then IUI can be performed in which sperm is directly injected to the uterus through a catheter.

IVF: Another treatment that can be performed is IVF in which healthy sperms are fertilized with the eggs outside the uterus.

IVF with ICSI: In case sperm mobility is very low then IVF with ICSI is considered good for male fertility treatment.

Doctors perform different diagnosis and tests to find out the cause of infertility so that treatment can be started as soon as possible. Scrotal ultrasound, Hormone testing, and Post ejaculation urinalysis are some important tests that are performed in order to find out the cause of infertility in males.

Male infertility is all about issues related with sperms and blockage in deferens tubes. These infertility problems require immediate consultation with doctors, diagnosis, and treatment. If you’re facing any kind of male infertility issue then book an appointment with the specialists of Originelle. They have a team of experts who give their best to treat the genetic issues, sperm-related problems, and blockage.

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