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It is pivotal to be aware of the different IVF hospitals and clinics. There are several hospitals which do not provide IVF service. Some clinics have expertise in IVF and you need to avail their facilities. 

Endometriosis and Infertility


Last year, for the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual Meeting 2016, we met two lovely ladies from the Endometriosis Association. In our lengthy talks, we all agreed that endometriosis is without question one of the most puzzling diseases affecting women and girls of all ages and if left untreated it can have an impact on a woman’s fertility. 

Tobacco on fertility

When we discuss lifestyles that reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine immediately come to mind. Are we correct in assuming these three substances? Do they really affect fertility? If so, what consequences are there? So many questions and often too much-contradicting information! Therefore we have decided to review and inform the actual consequences of these three substances.  


Originelle Blog | The Effects Infertility On A Couple

After receiving the news that one of the two partners in a relationship is infertile, a couple can often feel distressed, defeated. The two can be overwhelmed with feelings of pain, anger, helplessness, despair and so on. How can one get through this ordeal without exploding? We will address all of this in the following article.

After the devastating announcement of a couple's infertility, the couple faces three major challenges: emotional, sexual and communication.


couple baby shoes

For some time now, we have seen online and on social networks the “hashtag” and the words “I am #1In6” and #InfertilitySucks. What does it mean? This means that if you or your partner are having problems related to infertility, you are part of the #1In6. According to the Government of Canada, nearly 16% of Canadian couples, or one in six, are affected by infertility. Where does this known expression of solidarity come from?

On the internet and on social networks, infertile couples help each other by sharing their stories related to infertility in order to show their support for other couples in a similar situation. As well, others publish articles in order to make people aware that this one in six couple could very well be anyone in your circle; a friend, a sister, a cousin, a co-worker, your family doctor, your neighbour, your brother's girlfriend… anyone!


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